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Poker tends to be a highly popular and loved game: it was created in the XIX century or even earlier and it hasn’t lost its popularity since then. Nowadays lots of gamblers all over the world play poker for fun and money: there are some variations of the game a player can choose from, so this game can interest lots of players interested in gambling that requires some skills and knowledge. Though most casino games are random and it’s only your luck that matters, poker is definitely not one of them: only the experienced and skilled players can succeed there. It doesn’t mean that the game is not for everyone: every newbie who’s interested in poker can learn its rules and combinations to enjoy the game. The next important thing is to pick a good casino to play – and that’s when Pokerstars poker might be the best choice for you.

Pokerstars Canada is a popular poker room for players of different skills and experience: everyone can find something suitable there. The poker room is one of the biggest ones: you can always find lots of users there who are ready to play. It has more than ten years of experience and definitely knows what players expect from a high-quality poker platform: Pokerstars brings poker to a new level of entertainment and convenience. Use all the features of modern poker rooms and enjoy gambling wherever you are!

Things you should know about Pokerstars casino

Just like any casino that exists for more than 10 years, Pokerstars has been tested by a huge number of players from Canada and all over the world. Almost every modern gambling platform has its pros and cons: though every web casino is interested in providing the best possible service and conditions to players to attract and keep them, it’s almost impossible to do everything 100% right. Even the most generous casino has to earn money, so it’s obvious that there are some advantages and disadvantages of Pokerstars as well.

Though there are lots of comfortable platforms to choose from, many players prefer Pokerstars poker rooms to gamble: the casino definitely has a few advantages that help it to stand out. Most players interested in Pokerstars real money gambling highlight the following advantages of the platform:

  • A user-friendly interface allows almost everyone to become a part of online poker pretty quickly: the service is created to be easy to understand and use by players of different skills and experience. The poker room looks modern and attractive: a convenient up-to-date design and visual effects create a perfect atmosphere of playing poker in a real casino;
  • The variety of poker games presented in the poker room is enough to satisfy even the pickiest gambler. You can choose the variant of a game you prefer the most to enjoy the process, and a huge number of players will always be there to play with you;
  • An advanced support system of Pokerstars allows every player to get all the important answers on time and to get the problems solved. In general, support managers answer all the questions quickly and give full and understandable answers;
  • On Pokerstars net you can’t win real money: this service is created to play on poker chips. Pokerstars com is for real money gambling: more than ten years of experience and thousands of active players prove that it’s possible to win playing online casinos. The service is perfect for newcomers and experienced customers: everyone has a chance;
  • The platform is perfect for newbies because of education: an inexperienced player can learn how to play poker there. Poker training is easy to understand and there are lots of useful advice you can apply later;
  • You can find free poker tournaments there. Take part in huge poker events with the help of your favourite gadget and open the whole new world of poker to you.

There are some disadvantages you should remember about too:

  • It’s hard to use psychological factors or bluff playing poker online: the format of online gambling is pretty close to real-life games but still different in many aspects. Players who mostly rely on interpersonal communications can feel disarmed there;
  • A quality poker tutoring isn’t free: just like any skill that can help you to earn money, poker requires payment to sort off players who don’t have serious intentions;
  • Just like every casino game, poker requires players to be ready to lose. Though good poker skills can increase your chances to win, nothing can guarantee it: a random number generator is unpredictable;
  • It’s highly addictive. Everyone knows that gambling attracts lots of players, so it’s no surprise that poker is very addictive as well. Every player should remember about responsible gambling and keep control over the situation.

Most players agree that the service provides the platform with exceptional visual design and a huge variety of games: the comfort and attractive appearance of the poker room make Pokerstars one of the most popular poker platforms on the internet. The fact that you can play for real money and free attracts players as well: it can be a good chance to practise for newbies and low-experienced players, and you can always pay to get access to poker training there. You can expect lots of skilled gamblers on the platform: the popularity of the poker room attracts many experienced poker fans who can make it harder to win for new ones. At the same time, everyone has a chance there: a random number generator makes no difference and gives equal chances to everyone.

Pokerstars: bonuses and special offers

Like many online casinos, Pokerstars has some special bonuses to attract new players and to encourage the existing ones. Pokerstars deposit bonus is an opportunity for new players to gain up to $600 bonus with their first deposit: they have to use Pokerstars bonus code “STARS600” to activate it. To get the full deposit, you should make three qualifying deposits in sixty days: you can use your deposit after it. Also, use code “THIRTY” to receive a $30 worth deposit to play.

For Pokerstars users, a $1USD deposit usually equals 5 redemption points: you’ll receive $10 after collecting 180 points. Your time is limited: a player only has 4 months to collect points to get the prize. There are some exceptions you should remember: you can find the requirements of gaining points on the official site of the casino.

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