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Betway Canada is on the list of leading online casinos in Canada: from 2006 to these days the service provides lots of high-quality gambling content to players. The casino is one of the biggest bookmakers, so its name is well-known to people interested in sports betting: every sports event can become an opportunity to earn money for a Betway user. The service has lots of advantages that help it to stand out: it’s reliable, convenient, and modern, it attracts lots of new bettors regularly and keeps the existing ones with its comfort and fair play. This service is licensed by MGA and UKGC, it’s operated worldwide and supports multiple languages, so it’s no surprise that it’s popular in many countries all over the globe.

Sports betting is one of the most popular types of gambling: there are lots of sports events that aren’t just entertaining for sports lovers but ardent bettors as well. Sometimes your ability to choose the side can help you to win but sometimes the result can be absolutely random: that’s why the only thing every gambler can do to increase their chances to gain lots of money is to choose a good bookmaker company. Betway casino is definitely one of them: for many years customers choose the site to feel confident and safe there. The review will help you to learn more about the casino to play on the site that suits you the best.

Betway: Pros and cons

Canada is pretty famous among gamblers: nowadays most ways of gambling are legal there except Canadian online casinos made for Canadian players. At the same time, there are no problems for Canadian gamblers to play offshore online casinos: therefore, nothing actually stops Canadians from enjoying gambling of different kinds. Betway casino is one of the services having a good reputation and a well-known name: most bettors choose this site to bet because of its advantages.

Most online casinos have their pros and cons: the biggest ones tend to stand out because they work on their image and try to fix their issues and spots on their reputation. Betway is no exception: though there were a few controversial moments in their past, they have improved their reputation a lot. Therefore, when people now speak about Betway casino, they mostly mean its modern version that pays on time and creates no problems for players. There are some advantages of the casino:

  • The service provides fast payouts to players. A casino needs to pay on time: you might be lucky enough to win a lot of money but it doesn’t matter if you can’t get your money or have to wait for a long time to collect it. Betway is one of the services that makes sure that everything will be paid quickly and there are a few comfortable payment methods to satisfy every gambler’s needs;
  • Betway provides its customers with betting markets having soft odds: this fact attracts lots of new players regularly and keeps the existing ones interested;
  • The site has an opportunity to stream sports games to make betting even more comfortable;
  • There are lots of sports you can bet on: therefore, almost every sports game can be found on the site. Also, some e-sports are also included on the list: you can bet on matches of some popular online games as well;
  • There are lots of deposit and withdrawal options on the site: for most countries, the service provides 22 deposit options and 14 withdrawal options.
  • Betway customer service is always ready to solve all the problems and give important answers on time;

At the same time, even the modern version of Betway has some disadvantages that can disappoint some bettors:

  • The casino isn’t available for all countries: for instance, US players aren’t allowed to bet there. Meanwhile, Canadian players have no problems using it;
  • Sessions expire quickly and frequently.

As you might see, some pros and cons are worth knowing in advance. Most players can decide to try it or skip it based on the info, so if everything suits you well – then it’s time to learn more about other features of the service.

Betway mobile

The service is one of the biggest online casinos worldwide, so it’s no surprise it has a mobile version for people preferring to bet wherever they are. Nowadays mobile gambling has leading positions: most people prefer to download an app rather than to use a desktop version of a casino. Therefore, Betway has created their mobile version of the betting platform: the Betway app is available for iOs and Android gadgets. For clients who don’t want to download the Betway app, there is another option: players can use a mobile version of the site with their mobile internet browsers.

Mobile gambling has few differences from regular online ones: a customer has an impressive list of casino content for sports fans and gamblers. You can easily check all the important sports events there and you can do almost everything you do with your Betway account with your gadget. Mobile Betway has a user-friendly interface, so everything can be found quickly: all the functions are easily available for gadget users and a mobile page is adopted to many screens well.

Bonuses and special offers

Most online casinos attract men users with the help of special offers and bonuses: Betway is no exception, so it offers a welcome Betway bonus of up to $1000. Of course, there are some special requirements to collect it: you can read more about them on the official website of the casino. There are also progressive slots and huge jackpots there: the number of special features creates a very generous image of the casino. Don’t forget about the multi-deposit system for new players and loyalty programs: all these Betway bonus features combined can be a great advertisement and a generous offer for newbies.


There are a few questions that are frequently asked about Betway online. We’ve collected the answers that might help you:

  • Can you use Betway in Canada?
    • You definitely can: though Canadians can’t play on most Canadian online casinos, Betway is an offshore company, so there are no problems to Canadian gamblers interested in trying it: hundreds and even thousands of players from Canada gamble online. Meanwhile, don’t forget that Canadian banking might cause some problems to you transferring money to Betway: it’s preferable to use non-Canadian cards or systems.
  • Can I use Bitcoin to gamble there?
    • No, you can’t: the technology is still pretty new, so many casinos see it as an unstable one and avoid dealing with it.
  • Can I use PayPal?
    • It depends on the region you live in. Different provinces might have different opinions about that, so it’s better to know in advance.
  • Who can bet on Betway?
    • You must be legal-aged (according to the rules in your province): every gamer must verify their identity by presenting copies of suitable documents. Also, you can’t gamble if you work on Betway (the same goes with your friends, colleagues and business partners).
  • Can I self-exclude myself?
    • Of course. Every respectable casino (including Betway) understands the importance of responsible gambling: therefore, a gambler who feels that it’s time to stop but can’t do it on their own can exclude themselves. You can choose the time period you want to self-exclude: it starts from 24 hours to indefinite exclusion.

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