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Lots of gambling fans play daily keno: this game is simple and entertaining and its randomness makes the results completely unpredictable. The lottery is often considered to be a passive kind of gambling but players actively take part in this game: though it’s pretty difficult to win lots of money there because of how rare these number combinations are, it’s still possible. Chances are unpredictable, and that’s the most captivating part of gambling: everyone has a chance!

Keno is considered to be one of the oldest kinds of gambling: it’s a number lottery that still attracts thousands of players all over the world. The simplicity of this game makes it fun and entertaining: a player only needs to choose a few winning numbers and wait till results are known. Therefore, this game format is perfectly suitable for many online casinos: the game is widely played not only in Canada but also in other countries. Playing Keno, you can enjoy casual gambling without spending a lot of time or money: a few dollars can bring you a nice gambling experience wherever you are.

Things you should know about playing keno

Every person considering playing keno for the first time should know a few important details about this game: they might not only help them to understand the rules of the game but also explain keno’s popularity all over the world. The game that exists for centuries is definitely worth trying: whether you’re a person who has never heard of daily keno or a person who always checks OLG Keno numbers online, you should accept the fact that this game is going to be popular and available for a long time.

This type of lottery has a huge history: keno has been already known in ancient China where it was used to improve the country’s treasury. This game appeared in the Western world in the XIX century: it was brought there by Chinese migrants. The game was adopted to suit local tastes better: the original version of keno consisted of 80 unique hieroglyphs.

Modern daily keno has lots of variations: most online casinos have their unique conditions and rules of this game, and the thing that usually remains untouched is the total number of 80. A player is allowed to pick from 10 to 20 winning numbers (it depends on a casino they choose to play) and then a gambler waits for keno results: the more numbers win, the bigger the prize. Some details are interesting to know:

  • Though keno has Chinese origins, the name of the game comes from French and Latin languages (quine and quini), which means “five winning numbers” and “every fifth”;
  • The more numbers you choose and the more numbers you guess, the bigger your prize is. Meanwhile, with the size of your potential prize your chances to win drop a lot: it’s considered almost impossible to guess all 20 numbers in a row. A chance to have all twenty numbers is about 1 to 3535316142212174336: therefore, it’s no surprise that no one has ever won the biggest prize. At the same time, it’s pretty real to win while choosing from 1 to 10 keno winning numbers correctly;
  • The original Chinese version was named baige piao or pai-ko p’iao (or white pigeon ticket), and it still exists in many Chinese provinces arranged in one or a few casinos.

Modern Canadian online keno

Nowadays keno is still popular: though it’s not used to improve a state’s treasury anymore, there are still lots of countries that allow their local players to try their luck by picking some numbers. Canada is no exception: there are a few Canadian lottery sites that contain keno and allow their customers to check new lottery drawing results regularly. Most people don’t think of keno as a part of the gambling world: the lottery is usually seen as a casual way to spend time and to take part in a big draw. Therefore, there are lots of Canadian gamblers playing daily keno: while pokies and board games can repel some potential players, lottery games often have a huge audience.

For most players, online keno has a few valuable features that attract the interest of gamblers all over the world. Online gambling assumes that a player has comfortable and easy access to keno at any moment and it’s much easier to check draws online. Also, online keno is available on mobile gadgets: it makes it even more convenient because it allows players to check their results wherever they are. An existing client of an online casino has an opportunity to play lots of casino games except keno: it brings the opportunity to make their gambling experience richer.

One of the biggest Canadian lottery companies is OLG: it provides a daily lottery to many gamblers from Ontario. Just like other keno platforms, OLG shows keno results on their website and updates them regularly: there are two draws per day at 2 and 10.30 p.m.

There are lots of online casinos in Canada which have keno on them: for instance, you can play it on the leading casinos like Jackpot City, Spin Casino, Ruby Fortune, Betway, Europa Casino, etc. Some of these sites provide free trial versions of keno too: you can’t win any real money there, but you can enjoy the process and practise it. In general, it doesn’t take much time to learn basic keno rules: an average player can understand how it works pretty quickly to enjoy real-money keno on the most popular casino sites. The fact that there are no mathematically developed strategies on how to win at keno makes the result completely random but you should always remember not to bet money you can’t afford to lose.

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