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Canadian gamblers can choose the services to play from different countries – some foreign casinos even aim for users from Canada. Karamba online casino is one of them: it’s a service that’s available for Canadian players, that works with lots of popular international casino games developers and online money transfers. The casino’s slogan “Go Karamba” illustrates the casino’s mood and reminds us about parties and holidays. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that the casino is careless – it manages to show high standards of quality and get lots of men loyal customers regularly.

Karamba Online Casino appeared in 2005, and it has gained lots of experience since then. Now, the casino knows exactly what a client needs, and tries its best to provide it – at least, when it doesn’t contradict the casino’s best interests. In this Karamba Casino review, you’ll know more about its best and worst sides, the service it offers, and the things it has never had. It’s not a casino for everyone, but it has enough functions to attract lots of casual players, and even some experienced gamblers looking for a fortune.

It’s not a casino for people looking for some types of games: you won’t find any live dealer games there, and the collection of progressive slots is also somehow limited. On the other hand, when the casino chooses quality over quantity of its content, it’s usually not a bad thing. We’ll find out whether it’s a case.

PC and Mobile access

We get our first impression about something by its appearance, and it’s also true for online casinos. Though it’s ways more important for a gambling service to be functional, legit, and convenient, its design still matters. A badly designed website shows old-fashioned platforms, or the services that don’t care for their image or reputation – so clients should stay away from them. Let’s have a look at Karamba Casino to see whether it’s worth your attention in the first place.

PC access

Karamba looks good: it’s a well-designed website that looks sleek and attractive, so you can clearly see that the casino’s owners actually put some effort in it. The website has pastel colors (gray, dusty pink, aquamarine) and white fonts, so your eyes won’t get tired after spending lots of time there. Karamba also has a mascot – it’s a friendly cartoon-like bird that often appears on the casino’s ads and logos to attract new clients.

The homepage of the service has a huge ad poster that tells the guests about the latest bonuses and promotions. It’s a convenient and clearly attractive way to inform a new potential client about the services and special deals this casino can offer. That’s where new users can learn from the casino’s welcome bonus – and that’s a really important thing for lots of experienced gamblers who try new platforms just to see the most generous and promising ones.

The website also has another advantage – it’s easy to navigate, so you can easily find all categories of the website, your favorite games, and basically anything you need. When you visit the homepage, you can see a huge list of games (maybe even all of them?) with big attractive icons, and it works like a good advertisement too. For Canadians, the casino has a French version, so it’ll be easy and pleasant for you to use the casino.

Mobile access

If you want to try Karamba Casino mobile, then you don’t need any app to download – just visit the service via your mobile phone. The website automatically redirects you to the mobile version, so you can use the casino basically on every platform (Android, iOS, Windows). This version offers about 30 Karamba Casino games, which isn’t a lot, but it’s still enough for casual players and those who just want to win some money while travelling or simply spending time somewhere outdoors. The only thing you need is a good Internet connection, and you’ll get a mini-casino in your pocket.

The mobile version has the same design and is generally pretty well-done, so it’s pretty comfortable to use it. It’s clearly not the best option for those who like trying out new games often, but if you just want to have access to a few popular titles wherever you are, then it’s a great option for you. Though the casino doesn’t currently have any apps to download, you’ll still be able to make deposits and withdraw your prizes, check the latest news, use bonuses, change your settings, and so on, so if you don’t like the idea of wasting your time in front of your PC or laptop at home, or you live at a very fast pace, then use the mobile version and have fun!


This service knows that bonuses and presents are perfect for attracting a new client, so it offers Karamba Casino no deposit spins and a special bonus to make new players interested. You won’t find any real Karamba Casino no deposit bonus there, because no one is going to give you money for free, but the welcome bonus itself is a quite good deal for some players.

When you create an account there, you can use a Karamba Casino bonus code to get a 100% match up to $200 – it’s not as much as some other services offer, but it’s still quite a lot. The wagering numbers aren’t that crazy – you should wager it 35x in 20 days, which is pretty possible for lots of gamblers. The fact that you use a code to get your new client bonus shows that you can also look for some other Karamba Casino bonus codes on the Internet – this can make your online gambling experience more exciting and rewarding.

You can also get some Karamba Casino free spins. They are divided into three parts, so you can get them all in three days – 20 at one day, then make a $20 deposit the next day and get 20 more, and the same goes the next day. The service doesn’t want to you to get all at once and leave, so it uses its gifts to make you invested and interested in the casino’s daily life and regular gambling.


Karamba encourages loyal players to stay loyal – the service offers a special VIP program for active players that can make it more profitable for them to participate. The program has 6 levels, and you start at level one the moment you make your first deposit.

Higher levels give you more benefits: higher cashback, more special games and bonuses, better deals, and so on. It’s not easy to get on top levels there: you earn each new level by playing and being an active member of Karamba and making bets. It’ll take time to get higher, but the last two levels are only available for the most active users – they’ll receive a special invitation! This fact makes it even more special and exclusive, so if you happen to receive it, then you’re a very special person at this website.


If you’re a huge games fan and want to play different titles regularly, then it’s probably not the best platform for you. Karamba casino games are pretty limited: the casino’s collection consists of about 200 titles in total, which isn’t that much – lots of platforms offer about 500 or even 1,000 games on their websites. But does a casino really need that many games in the first place? Quality always goes first, so let’s see what Karamba’s collection includes.

Karamba works with two famous casino software companies named NetEnt and Microgaming. If you’re an experienced player, then you probably know these companies well: they are extremely recognizable and famous, they have great reputations and lots of their games are extremely popular at online casinos all over the world. Therefore, you can easily say that this casino has a pretty good software: though there aren’t too many titles to enjoy, the games that are present are high-quality and reliable.

The biggest part of the casino’s games collection is slots. Classic and 3D slots are the most commons, but Karamba also has a few high-quality Video games that can impress you with their graphics and effects. The more advanced is the game, the more opportunities it gives: while classic games tend to have only a few paylines and just three reels, Video games offer lots of paylines, bonus symbols and mini-games, and are generally more entertaining for more or less experienced players.

If you’re not into slots, then you can enjoy some table games presented in multiple variations on this website. The casino doesn’t really have live dealer games collection, but you can try games like Poker, Blackjack and others at any time. These games are perfect for those who have some skills and knowledge, and who want to influence the results more. Though nearly everything still depends on your luck and chance, you really should be a good player to win at those games – so it often becomes a real battle of wits!


Every casino is only worth playing at when it’s safe: it doesn’t mean how many games it can offer when you aren’t sure you can actually get your winnings, or if your personal data can be compromised. That’s why casinos need licensing, and Karamba is a licensed one – it has been tested and checked by MGA.

MGA is one of the biggest authorities that has checked hundreds of popular international online casinos. The service tests various games, payment and banking methods, customer support, and the general security. Karamba has everything a casino needs to be worth trying – so it has a label of quality. Also, Karamba isn’t just a service that has appeared out of nowhere: it belongs to ASG Technologies LTD, and when the casino is a part of something bigger, it’s also a good sign. The casino also uses SSL technology to make sure that your personal data is protected well.

Customer support

Another side of every casino’s safety is its customer support. Every client needs to know that their interests are protected, and someone can actually help them find their lost password, tell them more about how the newest bonuses or conditions work, and so on. Also, even the best casinos’ clients sometimes have issues they need some help to solve, and that’s when the support team appears.

The casino actually cares about its customers, so the specialists are actually competent and responsive. You can reach them 8-1 a.m. every day via live chats, or you can try old-school phone calls or e-mail. Choose whatever you like: if you need a long and detailed answer but ready to wait for a while, then send an e-mail, but you need a relatively short answer quickly, then live chat is the best option for you.

Money transfers

You can’t win without a deposit, and you can’t get your winnings without a decent withdrawal method – and that’s why banking matters. Lots of casinos offer multiple deposit options (because deposit transactions happen way more often) while having only a few withdrawal methods available – it’s a sad but pretty standard situation, and it’s hard to surprise anyone with that.

It’s pretty easy for Karamba users to make all money transactions – the casino works with popular systems like Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, and it also supports bank transfers. You can easily make a new deposit at any time, and you can relatively easy withdraw your winnings with one of these options. The casino doesn’t send its winnings immediately, though: it might take you a few business days to get your money, and it’s not only about the casino’s pending time – it’s also about the transaction method you’ve picked. Bank transfers tend to be the slowest, and e-wallets usually work almost immediately.

If you need to make a deposit to continue playing, then you can pick from a pretty huge list of options. The casino also works with Trustly, Entropay, PaySafeCard, and other methods, so you’ll always find something suitable.


Karamba is a nice option for lots of players, especially the casual ones, who don’t really need a thousand slots to enjoy gambling. The service also doesn’t have live dealer titles, and its table games collection is pretty limited, but if you aren’t a player who needs to change games constantly, then it won’t be an issue for you.

In other terms, the casino is definitely worth your attention: it’s safe and entertaining, it has nice design and a well-adapted mobile version, and its list of available payment options is also nice. The casino is neither the biggest nor the most popular one, but it’s clearly decent – it’s perfect for relaxation, having fun, and winning real money as well.

One more advantage of this casino is its safety: the service’s license and reliable partners make it a decent option for users who like risky games, but don’t want to risk playing at an unreliable casino.

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