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When people think of gambling, Craps usually comes to mind as one of the simplest games people play to get a big win. The game attracts lots of users because it’s easy to learn the rules and it’s extremely enjoyable: people often play Craps just for fun without betting real money with their friends while enjoying the informal atmosphere. The game is also seen as a very reliable casino activity because of how simple it is: while some players still feel suspicious about some other games because they believe that someone can compromise the results to make it almost impossible to win, a game that involves a dice always looks more fair and honest. Of course, there are always people who believe in hidden magnets placed in dice to make it almost impossible to win, but these stories are pretty far from reality: most players know that Craps is a fair and simple game that depends on chances and random – and some skills players have.

Craps has a huge history and its roots come from the game named Hazard which might date to the Crusades. Craps appeared in the XIX century and Craps hasn’t been changed a lot since then. Nowadays, many people are still interested in how to play Craps and what casino etiquette they should know about: this game can become a nice opportunity to spend time well with friends or win some money in a casino. The game is present both on casino websites and in gambling establishments: while land-based casinos offer to play with real dice, online services have special programmes built on random number generators allowing the game to be random and fair.

There are two popular kinds of Craps game: people usually choose between so-called “Street Craps” and “Casino Craps”. As you can understand from their names, the Street version can be easily played almost everywhere because all you need is a pair of dice and a friend to enjoy it. This game is usually PvP while “Casino Craps” means gamblers playing against a bank. It’s not that convenient to enjoy the Table version at home: it requires a special Craps table that can be usually seen in casinos. Also, a newcomer might be a bit confused with the special terminology of Craps players but all of them can be easily found online, so it’s recommended for a person interested in playing Craps to get acquainted with them in advance.

Basic things you should know

Though the Craps game looks extremely easy to learn and play, there are still a few things and Craps rules that every newcomer should learn. In fact, everything can be taught much easier and faster when a person starts with the basic terms and equipment for this game: it helps to avoid misunderstandings and confusion, so it’s highly recommended. There are the basic things you need to understand about the Craps game and its components:Everything starts with dice. After Craps dice being rolled, the only person who can touch them is a stickman who collects them with a special stick and gives them to a person whose turn to throw dice is next. People play with hex cubes in the Craps game;Another important piece of equipment is the Craps table. The table has a lot of information on its surface and it can be too complicated for many players: every betting option can be found there. Bets further from the centre have better Craps odds than in the middle of it. The Craps table layout is only necessary for the Table version but not the Street one.

After you get more info about the equipment of the game, you need to read more about the crew. These people help you gamble correctly and try their best to make the process comfortable and easy to understand. The crew members can explain the rules of Craps and help you:

  • The Boxman works with “the box” and the centre bets. This person controls the payments and call bets and operates the gambling process;
  • The Stickman has been already mentioned before: this person has to look after the dice during the game, to pass dice to players with the help of a special curved stick;
  • The Dealers operate money and chips: they make money operations and mark the point during the gambling process;
  • A shooter is a person whose turn is to throw dice.

After you get the basic slang, you are ready to know more about how to play Craps. As you may understand, there’s nothing complicated in Craps dice game and it requires just a bit of practice to become a good player. There are a few hints you should remember:

  • Play reasonably. Playing Craps is fast and entertaining, so it’s easy to get too excited and spend too much money without even noticing. The best decision is not to take your credit card with you and to be careful with how much you can afford to spend. Plan your budget and don’t let gambling addiction spoil your Craps casino experience;
  • There are usually a few Craps table options available in every casino: every table has diverse bets and odds, so it allows gamblers to play within their comfort zone. Don’t cross your personal borders: some players might try to impress someone or hope to win because of the misbelief that newcomers are lucky;
  • After that, you can buy chips and place your bets. If you are a new player and feel confused, then don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask a crew member to help you: these people can help you to understand how to play Craps better.

Betting in Craps

Like many other casino games, Craps has lots of betting options available for players. There are more than 40 bets you can choose from – no wonder why some newcomers may feel uncomfortable and insecure. Fortunately, some popular and commonly placed bets can help you to navigate through the Craps game:

  • The most common of all options you can meet is The Pass Line: it’s based on a win\lose scenario that depends on the shooter’s roll result. When a player has a “7” or “11”, it means you won, if they have “2”, “3” or “12”, then you are a loser. Other results become a point – a player should roll it before getting a “7” – that brings you extra chips, but if a “7” goes first – then you’ll have fewer chips. The Don’t Pass Line is a mirror reflection to the Pass Line, so everything becomes reversed: a “2” and “3” put money in your pocket, “12” pushes and a “7” and an “11” mean losing chips. The Pass Line rule about the point and a “7” is changed as well: a gambler getting a “7” can bring you victory;
  • The Come is pretty similar to the Pass Line but if you get the special point before a “7”, then the capes are yours. The Don’t Come has similar mechanics: “2” and “3” are winning numbers, “12” pushes, “7′ and “11” mean you lose. In this option you expect a shooter to have “7′ first to win;
  • It’s much faster to remember the Place Bets: every individual number you choose can be your lucky one. If a player has it before “7”, then you win, if it’s after a “7”, then you lose. A Place is comparatively comfortable for gamblers because they can change and delete it at any moment of the player’s round;
  • A Field Bet allows a gambler to bet on a few numbers instead of just one: have “2” through “4”, “9” through “12” rolled to win.

As you may see, a bit of practice can help every player to get acquainted with all possible bets pretty quickly. Though this information may sound a bit confusing in theory, players can easily become fluent in Craps while playing. That’s why many gamblers choose to play free Craps before visiting a real casino: it allows them to have enough practice to feel confident and safe. Gamblers can easily play Craps online to feel the atmosphere of the game and to understand its gambling process better: online casinos usually have Craps games that are a bit simplified, so it’s easier to understand them.

What’s about the gameplay?

It’s easy to understand that this casino dice game has simple gameplay and betting is the hardest part of it. After you understand how betting works, the game becomes extremely simple and full of joy. There are no special hints or tricks on how to win at Craps all the time: people playing Craps throw dice to have completely random results and to check their intuition and luck. The dice are put on the table and you get or lose chips according to your bet, so that’s why this game is liked by many players all over the world.

Every round of the game includes one or multiple rolls, and the initial roll is important: it determines the round a lot. 7 is crucial for all Craps lovers: the round can be won or lost depending on this number appearing before the point or not. Every bettor can become a shooter when it’s their turn: a player usually has the right to play as a shooter or to pass it to the next player.

Some more rules of how to behave while playing

While online gambling is pretty simple and enjoyable, many players would like to take part in a game played in a casual land-based casino: the vibrant atmosphere of gambling establishments with their lights and sounds combined with real human interaction makes the game even more appealing and enjoyable. But real-life casinos have their gambling etiquette: these places have their elite atmosphere, so every player must behave in a certain way to become a good visitor who doesn’t interrupt other players or irritate them. Before you throw dice on the table, you should remember these things: this list of unspoken rules will help you to create the right first impression about you and your gambling experience:

  • Players don’t like being interrupted: it can spoil their concentration and therefore decrease their chances to succeed. Even though the game is extremely random, lots of gamblers have gambling superstitions, so it’s always better to let them do everything the way they are used to. For instance, don’t interrupt the round to buy in: this action can be seen as impolite in many casinos. Instead, wait for the round to end and act just before the next one;
  • It’s not customary to ask the further dealer to buy chips: ask the closest one to help you. Dealers also buy chips for you from the boxman located on your behalf;
  • A player should put their pass line wager in front of their rack: keep your chips in order and know where to place them;
  • Shooters should know how to roll dice on the table correctly: for instance, every player should make their dice hit the black wall. It’s customary to roll the dice with one hand, so practise to do it well. Some players and even crew members might feel nervous when they see players using both hands: when real money is involved, it’s easy for people to become overly suspicious;
  • When it’s a dealer who places the bet, you should put your chips on the table first and then ask a stickman to help you;
  • When the dealer says that “dice are out”, you should stop placing bets and wait for a roll;
  • It’s considered impolite to eat or drink while playing because the table and the area should be clear. The presence of random objects that aren’t involved in Craps on the table can interrupt other players and irritate them;
  • Just like in many cafes and restaurants, tips are welcome: lots of dealers would be happy to have an addition to their income. But the rule works only for winners, and it’s especially true for players who win a lot: players who lose aren’t expected to tip the dealer;
  • Last but not least: gamblers are superstitious, so it’s better not to say seven at the game – it’s believed that it can cause bad luck.

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